Engineering Assistance
If you need assistance in designing your plastic part, Monarch can help. 
Starting out with a sketch, image, idea, detailed CAD drawing, or a combination of these that you need synthesized into one, we manufacture from your design specifications.  In order to compliment your design capabilities and bring your idea to life, we are staffed with experienced engineers with years of plastic and aluminum composite fabrication experience.  They view all contingencies, including long-term quality, layout, function, and material requirements as they develop the best product for your needs.  If a small modification to the design can improve the design/structure or reduce the cost, we won't hesitate to bring it to your attention.  With decades of experience, our team offers critical advice and guidance throughout the entire process.

You may need assistance with something as simple as turning your concept/design into reality or it may be something more complicated, such as converting a molded design into a fabricated design.  In both cases, we can provide workable solutions.
Depending on complexity and time, these services may have charges associated with them.
Development Process
As a custom fabricator specializing in acrylics, a variety of other plastics, and aluminum composite, our responsibility is to provide you with a quality product produced per your specifications.  This means each and every project goes through the following steps to assure you receive a product that matches your expectations.
  • Go over your requests, making sure we understand your desired end result.
  • Make any suggestions that would improve the structure and/or pricing.
  • Provide you with an initial quote and then a final quote if changes are requested.
  • Provide you with die lines and art layout if applicable.
  • Send you a construction sample and/or print proofs to review and approve for production.
  • Build all tooling for approved piece, develop cut files, printing files, screens and dies as required.
  • Set the standards and quality checks for each individual project.
  • Educate and inform team working on each job with meetings, story boards, and job jackets.
  • Go into full production.
  • Perform internal audit on order.
  • Pack and label cartons.
  • Provide you with a copy of the packing list and bill of lading once signed.