This is a list of our most commonly used materials that you will see on the floor on a daily basis.  These are our "go-to" materials that work best for the applications on the products we produce.  However, when needed there are many other choices we can pull from to complete a project if a specialized look needs to be achieved.


  • ACETAL/DELRIN:  Offers a blend of strength, stiffness, lubricity, and dimensional stability.
  • ACRYLIC (PLEXIGLASS):  Easily fabricated.  Acrylic sheet is durable and versatile.  Clear, colored, or textured.  Acrylic will maintain its clarity or color even when exposed to sun, cold, heat, or humidity.
  • ALUMINUM COMPOSITE:  A light-weight, highly durable and rigid sheet with outstanding characteristics ideally suitable both for interior and for exterior uses.
  • EXPANDED VINYL (SINTRA, KOMATEX, AND OTHERS):  A closed-cell, expanded plastic, high-density polyvinyl chloride sheet.  This material is light weight, resistant to moisture and chemicals, still, and easy to work with.  Ideal for Point of Purchase Displays.
  • HDPE (HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE):  Excellent for impact and chemical resistant material printing, bending, die cutting, and is the most tear resistant of the plastic sheets.  Good for cold temperature properties.
  • NYLON:  Offers a unique combination of high strength, good toughness, and outstanding chemical resistance.
  • PC (POLYCARBONATE):  A clear material with very high impact strength.  High temperature resistance.
  • PETG (POLYETHYLENE TEREPHTHALATE GLYCOL):  A clear thermoplastic sheet used in visual merchandising and engineering applications.  It can be easil printed, formed, die cut, and heat bent.
  • PP (POLYPROPYLENE):  A plastic polymer that is rigid, with very good impact strength.  Excellent chemical resistance and good at higher temperatures.  Works well as a laminating film.
  • STYRENE (HIGH IMPACT POLYSTRENE - HIPS):  This low-cost material is light weight, durable, easy to die cut, and well suited for a variety of applications, including signage and displays.  Available in many colors.  More brittle than vinyl.
  • VINYL (POLYVINYL CHLORIDE- PVC):  Rigid material that is light weight.  Ideal for printing, durable, easy to bend and die cut.