The Finishing Touch...

The finishing touch comes from our commitment to provide on time delivery at the best price possible. 
Once your product is ready, we will make sure it will be delivered per your instructions.
Packing/Kitting - Sometimes you need more than just boxing and shipping.  We understand the importance of making sure your products are shipped with additional components to make it complete.  You can ship all of the extra elements to us and we will pack it out according to your instructions.

Drop Shipping - For your convenience, we will drop ship your product to as many different locations as you need.  Relay your orders to us and we will ship per your instructions.

Inventory Control - This service allows us to warehouse your product and keep track of remaining inventory.

Pick - Pack - Ship - Once your product is warehoused, we are able to ship different quantities to various locations upon request.

We appreciate your business and your satisfaction is always our top priority.