Plant Tours & Privacy Policy
Monarch Plastics is a custom plastic and aluminum composite manufacturing facility developing processes and products based on customer specification.  Our business consists of working with the Intellectual Property (IP) of our customers, as well as developing our own proprietary methods for achieving the results individual customers require.  In many instances, we take on projects that require us to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA).  Due to that and the fact that we take our customers requests for privacy very seriously, we are a locked facility.  All vendor meetings should be scheduled in advance and take place in the designated meeting room in the office area at the front of the building.

While Monarch recognizes the need for the occasional plant visit, we need to keep them to a minimum to prevent production delays.  Plant visits are limited to our customer base and must be scheduled in advance.  Prior to a customer visit we may be required to stop and remove other work in process as a precaution in protecting our current customers' Intellectual Property.  Therefore, customer visits can only be scheduled when it will not impact the delivery schedule on the work in process.

As a visiting customer, you will be required to sign a Non-disclosure agreement which you can have emailed to you in advance or sign before touring the plant. 

We hope that our potentially new & existing customer and vendor base will understand and respect the policies that have been put in place regarding plant visits, and are willing to work with us to protect our IP and/or confidential customer products that might be running at the time of the visit.